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Zeftware Solutions is an award winning software company based on Biratnagar.

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Leading IT Company in Eastern region.

Zeftware Solutions is the leading software development house in Biratnagar. We adapt new and latest technology so we are able to develop state of the art products that is robust and powerful for solving existing problems in specific niche.

At Zeftware, we are always eager to identify a problem and then find effective way to solve that problem. We are driven to solve one problem at a time and we encourage creative thinkers and persons with problem solving attitude. We work in small teams and move fast to develop new products, constantly iterating and improving. We are constantly motivating ourselves to push us forward to fulfill our mission of bringing revolution through technology and improving people’s life for better.

Our Products

Revolution through Technology
We believe that technology can bring the revolution in every aspects of humaninty. By enabling futuristic technologies, Zeftware Solutions is comitted to bring that revolution years ahead to bring positive changes in peoples life. We believe that technology is the driving force that changes the fate of humanity either for better or for worse. With correct vision and leadership, we believe we can deliver the message "The future is Now” to the right audience and come up with easy and accessible platforms to help change the technological landscape and help the stakeholders shape the future of humanity.

Our Team

These are the guys who work on making awesome products

Shankar Bhattarai


Pratim Bhattarai


Tilak Parajuli

Marketing Manager

Anup Neupane

Research and Development

Nitesh Chaudhary

Operations Manager

Dipak Paswan

Support Manager

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